How are you? You have been in room 121, I perceive.

    The name’s Evy and the shop is Office Technology. I’m sixteen-years-old and I absolutely love Bay Path. I’m involved in many extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school, as I love to keep busy.
     Now, potential teachers should know the worst about their students. Surely as you read this letter, you will pick up on several of my own shortcomings. I’ll have you know that I’ve a profound love for all things Sherlock Holmes, and I hope that you’ll understand several references that I’ve already snuck into this letter. Maybe you might even find it clever? I hope so, that’s my intention… If you don’t understand them, that’s okay. I’m just eccentric, I guess. Now to expand upon those inquiries provided on the rubric:

    For starters, my favorite word is meretricious. Though the word does have negative connotations, I like to use it meaning that something is spurious or false. My least favorite word, however, is scalene, ah yes, as in the scalene triangle. I personally don’t like the sound that the letter ‘s’ makes, the way it sounds like a cat hissing, or a serpent. I think that scalene is one of the worst offenders, but not only because it makes an ‘s’ sound, but because it has to do with math. Geometry, specifically, which is my worst subject…
    What turns me on creatively? There are many things that stimulate me, or inspire me. Such things include the violin. The sound could either lull me to sleep, or can fill me with energy. It really depends on the player, though… A well played violin can be a treat, whereas a badly played one will more than likely irritate me. Another thing that inspires me is reading while I listen to music, oh, it’s brilliant. Reading while listening to music is something that comes easily to me, while others usually find it peculiar that I am able to do such a thing… Reading with music playing in the background fills my mind with so many ideas. Ideas for writing, as well as ideas for drawing and sketching. My best works are produced from reading and listening to music simultaneously.
    Something that turns me off creatively is distractions. I get distracted easily, so if I’m working I can’t be around a lot of people. I usually end up listening in on conversations and hearing things that I honestly wish that I hadn’t. I prefer to not see the bad things in people, and I like to believe that everyone is good. I know that everyone has at least one thing about them that they shouldn’t be particularly proud of, but I don’t like to know about them. I enjoy staying on the more positive side of things rather than the negative.
    Have you ever been on an airplane? It’s difficult to describe the sort of dull drone of the engines you hear from inside of the cabin, but that’s a sound that I absolutely love. Consistent and dull sounds soothe me. I often fall asleep to sounds similar to the noise you hear when aboard an airplane because I find it so relaxing. On the other hand, though, a sound that I can’t stand is the sound of buzzing… It’s such a distracting sound, I can never focus when there’s a buzzing sound filling my ears, penetrating my thoughts. It’s horrible, in my opinion. Flies, mosquitoes, electronic humming noises, droning on and on endlessly. The sounds drive me out of my mind.
    You’d like to know what motivates me, would you? I simply desire to do well in life, but family is a vicious motivator.  I have nothing but sheer willpower to succeed and provide for my future family, therefore I will do whatever it takes to reach my life goals in a fair and honest way. Dishonesty never works out well for anyone, now does it? I want to be able to help provide a comfortable living for my family. My spouse and my children. In an ideal world, with both my income and my spouses income, we’d have enough money to own a nice house and pay a mortgage. That would be lovely, but I wouldn’t mind renting, either. As long as we’re all satisfied with our lifestyle.
    A profession that I would enjoy would definitely be teaching English as a second language. It’s my dream occupation, actually. I love language, all languages. The sounds are just so beautiful to me, and I could listen to someone speak a foreign language all day. I guess you could say that language is a passion of mine, one of many. I aspire to learn as many languages as I can. A few personal favorites include Finnish, Korean, and Norwegian. Though I already understand most of the Norwegian due to my knowledge of the Swedish language. I can picture myself someday living abroad in Scandinavia, preferably Sweden, teaching English to my pupils in a relaxed classroom environment. I want it so badly, and I’m willing to fight for it.
    An occupation that I wouldn’t enjoy is something in politics, I get much too heated in personal debates, and I don’t think that’s a good thing when speaking of politics. You would need to remain calm and professional, without taking subjects and debates to such a personal level. I’m quite an opinionated person, and I usually keep my ideas to myself. Though sometimes I disagree with someone so strongly that I choose to either voice my own thoughts, or I choose to correct the other individual in a blunt and unintentionally rude manner. Hurting someone’s feelings is not something I aspire to do ever.
    And lastly, if Heaven exists, I’d hope to hear God say “Welcome home.” and allow me into the pearly gates with open arms.

    To reiterate, I am a determined high school junior with a love for the arts, be it music, literature, theater, or sketching and writing. I will do whatever I can do do well in life, and I have a wild passion for all things involving language. I find beauty in many things, and I do my best to eschew seeing negative things in others.

    I hope that you have learned plenty about me from this letter. I’m looking forward to getting to know you as well as my classmates more and more as the year progresses. I’m looking forward to a fantastic junior year in your College English III course.

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